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Barbie Doll 1980

1980 Vintage Mattel WESTERN Barbie Doll NRFB


Vintage 1980's Barbie Doll Brunette Superstar Era Dressed


Retired Classic 1980's Funtime Barbie Doll


Twirly Curls Barbie Doll, Vintage 1980s, Doll Outfit


Vintage Tropical Barbie Doll 1980s


1980 Golden Dream Barbie Doll No Box


1980 Superstar Era Golden Dreams Barbie Doll




Vintage 1980 WESTERN Barbie Doll NRFB Superstar Era Winking Eye!


1980 Vintage Mattel SCOTTISH Barbie Doll NRFB


Teresa Barbie Doll Brown Hair 1980"s


1980s Blonde Barbie doll 1980's


Vintage 1980's Hispanic Teresa Barbie Doll-Nude


Midge Barbie Doll Brown / RED hair. Late 1980's.


Vintage GOLDEN DREAM Fashion Barbie Doll #1874 1980 Mattel !!!


Vintage 1980 Barbie Superstar Era Golden Dream #1874 Barbie~Very Nice


1980s Barbie Doll Lot 1977 Superstar Era Fashion Photo Kissing Pretty Changes


1980 Barbie Golden Dream Christie Doll All Original Complete


Vintage 1980 Oriental Barbie Doll Dolls of the World Asian Hong Kong # 3262


Day-to-Night Barbie Mattel 1980s with original accessories


Barbie Lot Vintage barbies 1980’s 80s 90s 00s 15 dolls Outfits Ken Men Disney


1980 My First Barbie No. 1875 NRFB


Nice huge Barbie Lot Vintage barbies 1980’s mostly Fashion Jeans Barbie and Ken


1980 Mattel Peruvian Barbie Doll & Accessories NRFB 2995


Vintage 1980s Barbie~PINK & PRETTY, doll original clothes necklace shoes dress


Lot of 3 Vintage Shillman Barbie Clone Dolls TNT Rooted Hair NRFB 1980's 11.5"


Barbie Doll 1980s in Fashion Gown Dress Pink


Vintage Lot Of 1980’s Mattel Barbie Dolls Ken Clothing and Accessories


1983 Crystal Barbie Doll #4598 Blonde 1980's Superstar Era


Retired Classic 1980's Pink Cowgirl Barbie Doll


1980s Barbie and the Rockers Real Dancing Action Barbie doll Very Nice!


vintage/MOD 1980s HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbie in Original dress


Vintage Barbie Doll 1980s Barbie special Woolworth's.


Midge Barbie Doll reddish brown hair from the early 1980s. Wearing big earrings




Vintage blonde Barbie with big blue eyes doll. Early 1980s.